Hurjie International Sales – Satifying Customer Expectations

Hurjie International Sales are a quality manufacturer and supplier of electronic bathroom products, with the sole objective of selling our unique patented toilet deodorizing systems to every country in the world.

Hurjie International Sales wants to exceed in all quality aspects of its business and to that extent commits its manufacturing and sales division to the following key service areas:

Telephone Support

All enquiries regarding; price, specification, product selection and delivery are handled immediately. This area is where we make the difference.



The delivery of our product, is most important to us, we will communicate all delivery expectations to our customer, from dispatch to delivery via the appropriate tracking systems. A quality company needs a quality delivery service; we see delivering excellent product on time as a key part of our quality offering.

fast delivery


Our pricing mechanism guarantees that our end user receives “value for money” our customers can buy via our approved installers or one of our approved distributors the price you see is what you get. Distributors, installers, or end users, Hurjie International Sales takes responsibility for price in ALL market segments, we look forward to receiving your price enquiry requirements.

value for Money

Product Selection and Installation

Generally selecting the appropriate product for your installation is easy, your selection is very important, please use the product selection section, we also offer installation advice for all of our products, if you think you need it.

Specification and Approvals

We offer a full drawing and technical support for specifying bodies: Architects, Local Authorities, Hospital Boards, Builder Developers, Consultants, Engineers and plumber Installers.

Although we have extensive regulatory and water approvals throughout the world, we will also be very happy to furbish approval authorities with all our certifications and assist in the regional approvals of our products as and when required.

Research and Development

We have an excellent Research and Development facility here at Hurje International, most importantly all of our products are stringently tested, some of these tests are undertaken for the various approval bodies throughout the world. All our products are continually life tested to make sure our customers receive the best possible product available.

Any questions or feedback regarding our quality will be acknowledged and responded to immediately
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