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The Bag

ernie pallas

Ernie Pallas (CEO Hurjie Sales)

It was a cold March day, I had just flown into Manchester Airport (England) from Shanghai China, it was the first time I had seen snow for what seemed like ages, everything was white.

My friend Mike was on time he was waiting to pick me up from the airport, we were traveling further south to Birmingham to attend the Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition (KBB)

Over the next few days at the exhibition I met many old friends from the industry, I also met many new friends, I love people I find them fascinating.

It was a very cold day it was about lunch time and I met a man called Kelvin he was and is from Xiamen in China, he was as stressed as I had ever seen anyone, the reason, he had just left his shoulder bag with all of his money, credit cards and passport on the train that had brought him.

I sat down with Kelvin to trace his journey on the train, this is not easy because in England now they have many train operators (in my day it was British Rail) obviously Kelvin our Chinese visitor wasn’t aware of the different rail companies that overlap and cover the same routes and each having their own lost property department.

I must admit, if you are a foreign visitor to England that speaks very little English, you have no chance, because as I started calling, Virgin Rail, National Rail, Network Rail, Brit Rail, North Western, Pennines, it went on…. I can’t remember how many different divisions I called, all were very helpful but unsure it was their train. We eventually narrowed it down to two possibilities, it was either on the train that stayed overnight in Preston or another one that finished its route in Liverpool, both lost property departments called us back they had nothing handed in.

Two hours after offering my help, and two hours of phone calls on an o2 pay as you go phone, I made a final plea for help at Liverpool Station this accented man said he had a friend that looked after all the trains at the sidings in Atherton he gave me his personal mobile number, I called, he took all my details and said I will run to the train have a look and ring you back, 15 mins later a breathless man called…. hey “I have your bag mate

The Product

Have you ever seen something incredible where as soon as you see it you know how fantastic it is, you know the impact it will have on the market, you understand all its features its benefits and wondered why you hadn’t thought about it yourself?

Well the deodorizing toilet valve did that to me when I say it in England. The smart toilet hasn’t reached Europe or the world yet and straight away I wanted to market this product to the world.

The Plan

I flew back to Shanghai I was so excited I couldn’t sleep, I made contact with the manufacturer regarding promoting this product to the world and guess what… yes you are right the co-owner of the manufacturer is “the Bag man” (Kelvin Lin Co-owner Hurj manufacturing)

Who would of thought the stressed out man who had lost his bag with all his personal belongings in would become a business partner and develop jointly a trading arm of Hurjie Sanitary Ware Technology.

My name is Ernie Pallas I am the CEO of Hurjie Sales I hope you enjoyed our story?

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