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The manufacturing division was founded in March 2011 in Xiamen China.

HURJ is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in Research and Development of electronic bathroom products, and manufacturing and quality control of automatic toilet fittings.

HURJ is regarded as one of the pioneering companies in Xiamen China.

Hurj are the first to design and develop the electronic deodorizing toilet flush valve, it is manufactured for markets all over the world. Hurj holds a number of invention patents for the specific markets the deodorizing valve is designed and intended for.

Modern day marketing and the utilization of online branding and product sales is very difficult for quality manufacturers with in China.

The world outside of China uses the web to make many of its buying decisions (most search engines are banned in China) it is said that “70% of enterprises buying decisions begin on search engines” with this in mind the need to develop a quality unique product via the same routes is both mandatory and necessary.

Hurjie Sales are a Hong Kong based company developed exclusively to sell the Hurj Deodorizing flush valves, we are a real partner of Huierjie Sanitary Ware Technology Co. Ltd, the objective is to develop, service and deliver our unique quality products to the world market.

Hurjie Sales thrives on quality, procedures and processes, its main objective is to deliver a quality product when required and support that product through to installation.

Quality Activities and Practices

To develop globally any brand, you need basic principles of operation, beliefs and ambitions to drive you forward and sustain momentum. The perception of quality varies within markets and individuals. Our commitment to our customers is we will continually measure quality and apply improvement procedures in the following areas.

Quality – The Individuals Role
Analyzing Work Processes and Finding Opportunities for Improvement
Focusing your team on Quality
Building Individual Commitment to Quality
Clarifying Customer Expectations
Sustaining Momentum for continuous Improvement
Tools and Techniques for solving quality problems
Resolving Customer Dissatisfaction
Solving Quality Problems
Participation in Quality Problem Sessions
Leading Quality Problem Solving Sessions



Founded Xiamen Huierjie Sanitary Ware Technology Co. Ltd.


Credited the most innovative Sanitary/Bathroom product at the Shanghai International Sanitary Ware Exhibition
Won an award of excellence in Industrial Design (China)


Launched the deodorizing flush valve (the smart toilet)
Elected as an excellent sanitary ware manufacturer – by the National Sanitary Ceramics Association
Elected as a National Torvh Hi-Tech company
Elected in the “double hundreds talent program” as the leader in Xiamen (China)


Established OEM brands with:


Gained authorization and patent approvals for the design in UPC/cUPC of the deodorizing valve (the smart Toilet)
Appointed authorized designer of the National Standard for the deodorizing valve (the smart Toilet)
Authorized member of the Xiamen Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
Won innovation entrepreneurship competition


Formed Hurjie Sales division to develop electronic bathroom products sales and marketing strategies outside of China.


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